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The poems convey the saga of an Italian family transplanted to America to impose an apple orchard on recalcitrant land. The unquenchable want and work ethic of Grandfather and Father erupt in curses and desperate prayer as “the endless stain of America/ spreads in all directions/ from the dark spot/ the tractor marks.” All is seen through the sensitive but unflinching eyes of the narrator in muscular language that flares, unexpectedly, into poetic vision.

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Is Where the Heart is a collection of short fiction from Rhode Island poet and columnist Laurence J. Sasso, Jr. With a combination of nostalgia, wit, pathos, and grit, the author peels back the bucolic surface of a lively rural community to reveal the inner nature of its inhabitants at their best and their worst. Like random snapshots found in an attic, the stories stand independently, but allow those who discover them to piece the images together and make of them what they will. The town could be almost anywhere in America, and the time could be today or 40 years ago. But the themes and the feelings are right here and right now.

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Notes from the Underdog is a compilation of Rhode Island journalist Ron Scopelliti’s award-winning humor column, “A Nerd’s Eye View”, which appeared in 100 issues of Your Smithfield Magazine. With his wry wit and a unique outlook on life, the author tackles subjects ranging from the nerdy to the edgy and from the trivial to the philosophical, often all in one column, and sometimes all in one sentence. Notes from the Underdog features 36 columns selected by Scopelliti and formatted for easy readability.

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